Undertale for PS4

It's all said and done, Undertale for PS4 is a fact, the most anticipated announcement was made this year at E3, what used to be just ideas and over time was formed into an illusion, has become something real for all gamers who stand out in the ultra PlayStation console from Sony, to the sound of the Bonetrousle and in turn the Bonecrusher razing everything that is placed in the way, we can contemplate a little jaw-dropping what this edition will bring us.

The best of Undertale for PS4


It seems that the creators and developers like Toby Fox have captured everything you want, in the mini preview, which you can see at the bottom, in it we can see the incredible and very famous graphics that call attention to their improvements, which stand out for their resolution to the eye when debugging bugs, but not retain its retro aesthetics would be like the Achilles heel in much of the game so it remains.

In addition we can see, the typical scenes that every game lover in the Ps4 we are used to a toriel with great graphics and sound effects that fit perfectly for every moment, then we have for those who also defend the authenticity of the same with conviction. I think this will not be very motivating, From the beginning Undertale could make itself noticed demonstrating the potential staging to be able to create fans of the game, on the other hand, it is necessary to remember that to belong to the tendency of Sony is not easy thing, the objectives imposed for the creation of marketing usually are established and many times. Good they will be able to imagine what happens.

Watch the mini preview, get comfortable and draw your own conclusions...

We can also mention, it will be a great pleasure to observe in a closer way our favorite avatars, just for fans who are looking for creativity, passion at the moment, that usually look for them in portals and similar games, they will parade with a pleasure these phases, it is a very relevant data for the sight to know closely the avatars; there are more comments that have been made in the last days of the characters, like the creation in 3D and to see them in their best version will be something very expected at the moment of the launching without a doubt.

What does prepare us Undertale for PS4?

On the other hand there will be its story, it is worth mentioning that Undertale will maintain the lines of argument that most of us have already seen, although we will be waiting for new things that will undoubtedly turn the whole known story around, we are very aware of the opportunity to choose which paths to take and from the decision to imagine the course that this story will take in its highest splendor, although it is very likely that while it is developed we will be able to observe routes that we saw at the beginning or tests that we know very little about that were tried to add to the game but that were never reflected in previous editions; we'll have to wait until the updates don't carry much weight, stumbling over novelties established by arguments just to use space.

Anyway, the illusion is and grows much more as the waiting time comes to an end, its release is done and no doubt we will see it in the stores in the next days of this year; actually, it will be a pleasure to see it around the corner, there is no other option than to become monks endowed with patience and start saving the money that is left under the bed in our little piggy to be the first in line. And if you're still thinking about buying the console, we recommend you stock up on one because what's coming up in the last few days will be ultra-better, and that's because the determination of a true fan knows no bounds, that's what counts.

Undertale for PS4

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