Undertale's Pacifist Route

Undertale is a game with unique features where the decision making is paramount, to know different stages of history, among the RPGs, is one of the most outstanding when, shows the option to dialogue with your enemies before each battle, and allow the player to decide the future of each character by choosing to forgive them life, or kill them.

Today we will touch a little bit on the theme of the Pacifist Route, named among the fans as the best, in the development of the game, and its emblematic ending, let's remember that among the different main routes are, the neutral, pacifist and genocidal, as its name indicates (Pacifist), indicates that to achieve this level, advancing without killing any character is the key, because what it shows us when playing it is the possibility of getting allies, and the way to win the battles in each scene but without fighting, make this stage definitely unusual for the player.

How to advance and get to know new areas of the Undertale's pacifist route.

Something that without a doubt is in our recommendations, is to play this stage in a second game, to know zones that in the first one cannot be appreciated, which are these requirements to obtain it:

  1. To be able to advance first of all the neutral route.
  2. Achieving victories, sparing the lives of each character.
  3. Of the main characters seek friendship with them (undyne, alphys, and papyrus).

Without a doubt, getting to this stage of the game for each fan has unleashed a certain satisfaction for the game, and they have called it the best of the routes within Undertale, the pacifist route and all that it brings us in each scene, dialogue, the value of forgiveness, friendship make each new stage that is known, in this game are inetractive and striking, giving them a unique end to the game.

Let's highlight its text boxes, changing scenes, different schemes with elements so that the challenges do not end easily, not to mention the decision making that change the course of the stories in the game, the interesting thing is to take into account that with each game played, the characters have memory, and are saved in the game, strategies and gameplay of the player so that in the next game the characters remember what you do to advance to the next level, interesting truth.

The route and its pacifist ending

Let's emphasize again, for this part, that the decision in each of the stages of the game (pacifist, neutral or genocidal route), set in motion unexpected and different endings, for this first one we can see a stage full of humor, so much pleasant for the characters, very different to the one we already know in other types of created games, without a doubt a unique and special experience for us as players.

We must take into account that with the restart of the game, to enter the neutral route and then advance to the Undertale's pacifist route is recommended, he plays as we know with different scenes to others in almost all areas, with pictures of humorous texts, and very imagined scenes by the creator Toby Fox, who undoubtedly shaped every thought, and care of details, no doubt the adventure in the game undertakes, an exciting action, with feelings that transcend our reality, with a legendary and authentic game system.

We also see how the enemies are usually a kind of safe, that we must open, to go discover and know what they hide inside, their intentions and what we decide to do with them make the game something unusual to comment among our friends about what decision is the most appropriate and why not "epic", undertale as we can see has jumped expectations about the genius of integration between the player and each of the characters to create their own story.

Epically, the way they play makes you wonder if it's real or just a scene from the game, since you can have many times the idea of being able to apply each of the experiences of the game in your daily life. Remember to start with the neutral route and then continue with the Undertale's pacifist route, to have the opportunity to know first hand a totally unexpected ending, with new scenes never seen before.

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