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Undertale, is a story that begins in the dark world of the underworld, inhabited by monsters. And there is one, undertale game guide. Although in its beginning, the earth was a place of residence of monsters along with humans, until their differences, they began a battle. The winners were at that time the humans, who mercilessly banished the monsters underground, creating a magical barrier between them to prevent them from leaving.

The fall into a crater of a volcano apparently does not produce death, as it is a portal where the game begins, with the protagonist who is small image (child), which must advance through different tests, riddle, also making good decisions, in each battle to return home on the surface.

What's behind the Undertale game guide

The story and its development, will depend both on the decisions that the player takes as it advances in each scene, causing scattered endings in each of them, we see attitudes towards each character in a different way. Where to start a new game, it drives us to make different decisions to see the other options of the game. In this video game we can select one of three routes that exist called pacifist, neutral, or genocidal, obviously we will see different endings, where his journey will be uncertain dialoguing and making friends between him and the monsters that exist there, preventing them from stealing his life and using them as allies.

Characters of Undertale

1. The human. The main character of the game, who begins his story when he falls into the underworld through the crater of the volcano on Mount Ebott. Although his gender is not defined yet if he is a boy or a girl. But his journey will bring him moments where he will reveal what he is capable of, to the other characters in the game who will get to know him. The story of the human who fell and escaped will serve as a guide as he meets her. His name will be known only until the end of the pacifist route, which is Frisk. The shocking thing is that if he dies, in the game, he restarts everything when he returns, but he can't be able to change the ideas of monsters from the underworld that are greater in power than he is like Flowey, Asgore and Sans.

2. Flowey. First character that the main character Frisk meets in the underworld. His appearance is of a flower, his yellow color is distinguished, with a very genuine personality, teaching him how to fight for the first time. Then his real plan is discovered at the end of the season where his intention from the beginning is to steal human souls to increase his power. He follows him all the way through the story, pretending to be Frisk's friend, to become the monster that with the help of the human lamas he wants to steal will be more powerful on the neutral route. He is also the one who possesses the soul of Asriel Dremurr, who is from the royal family, son of the Toriel kings, and King Asgore.

3. Toriel. She is the Queen of the monsters of the underground, and is the guardian of the ruins. A character with a human body and the appearance of a goat in clothing, a long blue tunic with a delta of the kingdom in the middle of it, we see her at the beginning as the one who shows the rules to the player, so that he knows the game and his power of decision in each battle, along with his recommendations to dialogue and dodge. She is a very kind character, so much so that she wants to adopt the human who falls through the crater into the underworld, she likes snails, and we can say that she is the only one who usually laughs at Sans' jokes.

4. Napstablook. This character can be seen in the last stage of the game Waterfall. He is a cousin of Mettaton, he owns a snail farm and his melancholic personality is just like his taste for music.

5. Sans. Skeleton with a joking personality, isolated by the other monsters, a bit misunderstood. Papyrus' brother another skeleton that although he is the younger brother, this one is taller than him, his death would indicate the transformation of this one as the boss when he gets angry, he is the only one that knows when the player restarts the game, with a last powerful attack in the genocidal route.

6. Papyrus. Brother of Sans, looking like a skeleton full of goodness, and joy. Undyne's close friend, his age is approximately the same as the human named Frisk. One of his dreams is to become an active member of the Royal Guard, his attack is to throw bones, in short a unique character.

7. Monster Kid. One of the characters that also admires Undyne, his appearance is a yellow lizard, a little naive but innocent and with energy to spare throughout the stage in which it appears.

8. Undyne. Leader and captain of the royal guard, her obsession is to find the human Frisk who searches the entire underworld, and to obtain his soul. Her power increases when on the genocidal route she dies, a close friend of Papyrus, one of the skeletons of the game, and of King Asgore. She seeks the love of the character Alphys and attacks by throwing spears of electricity.

9. Mad Dummy. Ghost with a character like a grumpy mannequin. His playground is a graveyard of debris. But his transformation can change from tiny to stocky on the genocidal path by becoming Glad Dummy.

10. Alphys. Lizard with a lab image, yellow, wears glasses. Somewhat shy personality, not very confident. The creator of one of the characters called Mettaton, as she is a lover of electronics and mechanics. She is credited with the fact that Flowey exists, and is the player's advisor in his steps within the game.

11. Mettaton. What a character, she's a television celebrity in the underworld, whose mission is to reach more people with her show to increase her audience. Created by Alphys who is a doctor who loves mechanics, he wants to increase his fame on the surface, being the one who is recognized as the one who killed the human, for this he tries to cross the barrier, and is the one who forces Frisk on his show to get more ranking, otherwise he will declare himself a loser.

12. Muffet. We can find this character in the fourth zone called Hotland, she is a king of all the spiders in the area, she likes cooking and has a bakery business which has a bad image due to its origins better known by many.

13. Asgore Dreemurr. He is the King of the Underworld. His image is similar to that of the Toriel King, clear with both male image, he wears lion's hair and muzzle, with appearances similar to those of a goat. It is clear that his plan is to end the humans, for which he wants to steal seven souls of humans. He has a red trident as a weapon, which is also his only companion, since within the game he loses his children and his wife Toriel, provoking feelings of sadness and anger against the humans, remembering his role as king at all times watching over the well-being of the monsters of the underworld.

14. Asrier Dreemurr. He is part of the royal family (prince), the legitimate son of Asgore and Toriel. He is the character who crosses the barrier once his brother Chara dies, to give him his last wish of life, which is to see his home and his people for the last time, the humans when they see him, confuse his action and attack him believing that it was him, who killed Chara. Later, Alphys, the laboratory worker, revives him by mistake, taking the shape of a flower, and because of the way in which it was brought back to life, it has no soul, it changes its name to Flowey, and is reborn to be the leader on the pacifist route.

15. Chara. He enters the story as the first human to visit the underworld by mistake, found by what would later be his brother Asriel, who was the prince of the underground, this being adopted by the royal family. In one scene you can see how he, after eating a golden flower, became ill and then died. Then he comes back to life in the form of a flower with yellow petals, without his soul and with little sense of humour called Flowey, which is a failed experiment for Alphys.

In short, a cast full of main characters, but a story without those characters that give a background to the story would not be complete, so secondary characters this those who intervene sometimes we have Lesser Dog and Dogo, bosses without identity as So Sorry e Glyde, and others of which do not know their names.

Development of the game and the motif of the Undertale game guide.

Every story has its beginning, this one begins when a small human by mistake falls the underworld by means of the crater of a volcano that is a portal between both worlds (surface, and the subsoil), its intention was to raise it but I finish falling for him, all this happens in the Mount Ebott.

One of the first characters to appear in the game is Flowey, a yellow flower, who forms a friendship with the human, but whose plan is to take over the human world completely. She is friendly and tells him what he has to do in the game to survive and to have the best results, like getting "LV" or in other words (Love) in order to win "EXP". When she explains the instructions, she tries to kill him, and comes to the rescue of the little boy Toriel. She shows her confidence and tells the instructions in a different way, teaches him the riddles and how to solve them while she knows the puzzles. She also gives him the indication of how he can survive the stages without killing the monsters. Toriel also offers to adopt him in a game room, and make him part of the kingdom, to avoid in one way his confrontation with King Asgore.

Driven by his desire to return home and cross the barrier, the little one does not obey Toriel, who cannot stop him with his expected destiny of meeting Asgore, he gives him a cell phone so he can always be aware of him, in a distant way, and know his location. It is then that we can see how Frisk (the human), is meeting monsters, like the brothers Calaca Papyrus and Sans, the incomparable leader of the Royal Guard Undyne, Dr. Alphys, the robot that she creates called Mettaton.

To be able to reach the super level you have to choose well is one of the best way is to use the Undertale game guide, between dialoguing to make friends or to kill each one of them to continue with your purpose to arrive at your house again. This is one of the best cases in which the player will become friends with them avoiding killing them, communicating by phone with them, using the cell phone that Toriel gave him. Along the way, the human knows the story of the first earthling who entered the underworld, and Asgore's desire to eliminate all humans from his world, stealing only seven souls to achieve his precious wish, avenging the death of his son, which caused him intense pain.

In one stage of the game the human knows one of the ways to be able to cross the barrier, which is using the soul of a monster of great weight in the underworld, there will be the conflict between this and Asgore. That's why three different endings have been created that will be conditioned by the sessions that the player takes along his way. One of the riddles that we can observe in the game is that Sans reveals to him, according to this character LOVE means LEVEL OF VIOLENCE and EXP means EXCUTION POINTS and that HP is really HOPE.

When we see the human fighting with King Asgore, Flowey in his bliss intervenes and kills the king, and tries to steal the souls he possesses in order to be the most powerful monster. These souls end up being Flowey's Achilles' heel, as Frisk manages to defeat her, calling the souls and motivating them to help him. Then we see how Frisk becomes unconscious, waking up in the world of humans, when a voice is heard from the underworld, it is Sans that motivates him to come down to know a better ending.

Already then, the human is more than ready to achieve his end, in the pacifist game mode the player cannot kill anyone and already knows experiences as in the other neutral route. Where they recognize that Flowey, is the reincarnation of Asriel or at least a part of him, and that it was an experiment of Dr. Alphys. Toriel is the one who intervenes in Asgore's fight with Frisk and those who came with him, then she is seen as Flowey in the form of Prince Asriel begins the battle against them.

Learn some of our tips to get to see each of the endgames thanks to the Undertale game guide:

  1. On the neutral route, the goal is not to kill all the bosses, becoming friends with those who remain in the game to see their decisive end, as well as the first game to be finished out of obligation.
  2. In the pacifist route, it is the continuation of the neutral route, where to continue in it, it is necessary to have finished the last one, and the end to achieve the end in this one in not having killed any boss, achieving friendship with them.
  3. On the genocidal route, if you wish to continue on it, make the decision to kill each of the enemy chiefs and move forward.

Undertale will allow you to restart the game as many times as you wish, knowing adventures in a different way, in which you will be able to recognize the changes of personalities that you have made to your player when starting the game.

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