Undertale 2

Undertale 2, is the videogame that has surprised everyone in the last years, it is not only a pastime of the moment, success that is attributed to Toby fox, the creator with endless imagination, who to please his followers, gave him a more adventurous life when he created Undertale 2 for a new generation of gamers.


It stands out, his adventurous gameplay, something special to maintain, his scenes that go out of the common context continue being what until this day have marked the difference in the games industry, style that without a doubt has been transmitted to the new generation, especially to those that come from the first game module following him.

His gameplay, which allows you to find friends where others see enemies, is a distinctive feature, no doubt Toby Fox has shaped the negotiation between life and death between enemies, filled with dialogues and circumstances, not expected, that we can only find here, the preservation of the life of enemies is notorious at the time of embarking on the adventure, unprecedented in the game.

What makes us think, if at the moment of playing it, it takes as an end, the observation of the dialogue to practice it in the daily life, it is ironic, but in the real life people that usually do not get along, little serious what they look for to dialogue to look for the common good for both parts, it is clear that the communication in this game contributes enormously to the development of the same one in all the senses.

On the other hand, we see how in many characters, the reflection, the thought of good towards the other, is seen in diverse occasions in its highest peak, that without a doubt will provoke in the player emotions found throughout the game, feeling own as the character feels, specifically in that scene, sad, happy or simply annoying from the beginning.

The fun, and the entertainment in the story, is without a doubt, the best thing about the game, and that is, a game without those two characteristics would not be a game, and that is well known by Toby Fox, who in the end not the obvious like other video game creators, captured his vision as a child in the game Undertale including adventure, good values and others not so good, reviving several video game concepts.

To mention a little bit about the characters, let's talk about Undyne is a spirit tutor, leader of the royal guard full of a lot of strength and confidence, she uses an armor, without a doubt a simple character, although she can also be seen as one of the monsters of the Undertale 2, her character breaks with the uniqueness of other characters because she is not mechanical, her taking sessions can cause different consequences along the story, Undyne character gives life to the player's decision making thanks to her attitude when taking them.

Valuing life, in this game is important, Toriel is a character that reflects this thought when adopting a child, educating him, offering him protection and instilling this message of peace and humanity, always appeals to dialogue but rectifies the idea that to live, sometimes sacrifice is necessary. The differences between each identity, in the characters surely now hollow in some fanatic of the game, identifying themselves, feelings that will be seen now more in Undertale 2.

If we talk about lack of concentration, optimistic attitude, Papyrus' character takes the first place, although he is a fighter and has noble feelings, we can mention his taste for cooking, a character that no matter what he eats, his slim and enviable figure doesn't change, without a doubt a being to whom many of us will feel attracted and identified at the moment of seeing him on stage.

The player plays an important role by influencing each character in a direct way with determination, Frisk for example, a character with a faint profile, silent, his goal is to be who the player decides. He is, unlike the character called Flowey, who is a clear example of rebellion, where his face creates an almost exact image of the heart of this, evil, resentment, pain, who pretends in the history of the game to be the best friend, a character that permanently threatens. We could certainly mention a name when talking about this particular character.

If you are a lover of some or all the animals in the world, but you have not decided yet to have your own pet, in the game you will be able to do it, Undertale 2 counts with this option, although it will not be a particular cat, for sure you will be fond of the monster that you will be able to select, to give a touch of personality to each game, on the other hand if personality, it is said that better than the character of Mettaton, a lover of parties, fun, an artistic being where being the center of attention is not just an option, the total opposite of Napstablook, artist of depression, withdrawn and insecure.

In Undertale 2, leaving this Alphys character out of the cast was not an option, with an identity that only anime and comics can give him, is more than the sense of perishing with the personalities and tastes of some humans in our real environment will be attracted and feel identified within the game. So is the wide world of this game, multilateral, creative and unusual, no doubt will be the exception for many who wish to have more free hours to play it, where they can choose different paths, and will not be directed only by the game to the same end, now with Undertale 2, be the god of everything will be possible.

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