Five Theories of Undertale

Today I come to tell you five theories of Undertale which cause much intrigue and mystery around this title. Since this one of video games with more secret things and that without a doubt in more than once it has made us think about things.

That's why today I come to share more about these curiosities that won't help you understand the story completely. Nothing is completely confirmed anymore, so just enjoy them and put your head to imagine.

These five theories of undertale are not confirmed.

If this is important enough to ratify, as these are not the valid answers or definitive explanations. Therefore you only have to take it in the form of entertainment. Without further ado, you can enjoy these very interesting stories more.

Reasons to climb Mount Ebott


The hatred Chara expresses towards humans could indicate that I received some kind of aggression. And that's where the deep hatred comes from, but also one thing to note is that if she's at Undertale, it means she went up to Mount Ebott. And we all know that nobody returns from there, which indicates that it was to commit suicide.

And we can see the level of trauma that Chara felt to do what we think she had planned.

Plus, if we're talking about Frisk, she went through the same thing, since she's theorized to be mute. Because in the whole game she doesn't say any words. And when the characters talk to her, they directly answer. They answer directly, since they look at the caller ID and see that it's her.

But unlike Chara, Frisk was not consumed by hatred and what she finds is a new family. So it all turns out to be a good thing.

Sans and his secret plan

Sans and his secret plan

In Sans' workshop there is a painting by three people that says "Don't forget" and these are Papyrus and Sans. And we suppose that the third person is Gaster, because after the accident that made him disappear, it is possible that everybody forgot about him. Except Sans who's trying to bring him back.

When you call Papyrus from Sans' lab, he mentions that bag of dog food looks very familiar, that he's seen it before at Sans' house. We can theorize the following:

That Sans is feeding the pesky dog, with the intention of liking him and pleasing him. It all makes sense when we know that Sans has extensive knowledge of the game and can go beyond the fourth dimension. Therefore he knows that the Annoying Dog is a representation of Toby Fox the creator of the game. And he's trying to get it to be new.

The presentation of puberty with the characters of Undertale

characters of Undertale

Frisk and Chara's characters indicate that they are teenagers and that each character within Undertale represents was of or feeling at puberty. But let's talk about this some more.

For example we can start with Toriel, this is a representation of the mother figure. Since she doesn't let her out of the Ruins, she makes a metaphor for mothers about protecting their children. And the more characters represent how we struggle with each one of them represents how we deal with each one of them.

  1. Sans and Papyrus

  2. These represent the lack of goals in life or unbridled obsession

  3. Undyne

  4. It tells us about the belief in right and wrong.

  5. Muffet

  6. The one that matters about family and money

  7. Mettaton and Alphys

  8. Extroversion and introversion basically

  9. Asgore

  10. It refers to selfishness.

  11. Flowey

  12. This has been the evil.

Could Sans be a living thing?


Knowing that Papyrus and Sans are brothers, we can see that they are not so much alike on a physical level as they are in character. But we can also notice certain points that will give you an idea that he is human.

Since in a fight it looks like this one bleeds from the chest and mouth. As we see that throughout the game he does not move his mouth and he sweats slightly. So you can theorize that Sans is a human being and that he's just wearing some kind of disguise.

Frisk is possibly dead.


This is one of five theories of undertale that may seem crazy, but pay close attention to all the signs that support this statement. Undertale can be directly compared to the nine circles we can count in Dante's Inferno. Since there are 9 main characters without counting Frisk.

All this becomes more meaningful because of the similarities in some scenes that the characters are in. Things that if you get conspiratorial you can see the references. So their whole journey through Undertale is nothing less than a journey through Hell. So if he went to Mount Ebott, Frisk actually killed himself.

Well, that's five theories of Undertale that leave a little room for thought. Maybe Toby Fox came up with all these complicated stories. I guess it's all lies and it's all just fancy talk.

Whether it's true or not, they're pretty interesting and make the Undertale story more intriguing and surrounded by mystery.

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