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If you are a Mac user and are interested in being able to download Undertale for Mac You are on the right website to make it fast, easy and totally official. Well, as we all know this game is not prepared for other platforms than Windows. That is why many causal players can’t access to play this title.

That's why I have given the task to see what would be the most viable and safe alternatives so we can enjoy this great title. So I have prepared a method which is in accordance with copyright law and you will not be breaking any rules.

What are the minimum requirements to download Undertale for Mac OS?

As we all know, we must meet some requirements for Undertale to run perfectly. But thanks to the fact that Undertale is not a game with high graphics, it means that it does not demand much strength from our team. But I will present you the requirements that it demands.

This great video game is also directed to Mac OSX operating systems. Some of the requirements that each computer must have in order to play it are: 2GB RAM memory, and 200 MB hard disk space. However, to see its graphics on a larger scale a computer with more features would not be bad.

How to download on Mac in 2020?

If you have already checked that you do not have all those requirements, you can continue with the download and installation process of this game. Well, we'll have to use a tool that will help us make Undertale for Windows run on Mac OS.

This tool is called WineBottler, it is in charge of packaging every program that has been created for the Windows platform. So this one will do the same with the Undertale game and will make it compatible with Mac. You can download it from the SECOND BUTTON below.


First of all you have to download Undertale from the official website. Everything will be completely safe as they are official portals. Making all these processes are completely safe so you do not have any inconvenience.

Why is it so important to pay to download Undertale for Mac at your official store?

What I have always said and experienced first hand, is that you can't buy the experience you get when you get to play a video game and know that it was worth every penny you gave for it. Also, that you support the developers so that, if you like that game, I'll release a new version.

That's why I think it's so important to promote the purchase of games by supporting the developers. That's why in the FIRST BUTTON there will be the link to buy and download them.

What is the process to install Undertale on Mac OS?

Remember that the steps are basically, somewhat simple, to start we look for the link at the end of the text and proceed with the download of these, in our computer. The files that we must take into account to download are:

  1. Undertale V1.001
  2. Winebottler 1,8-rc4
  3. And play

As next step we will make a copy of the Win file in the Undertale V1.001 folder, to make a copy in Mac we will have to press the file, and pass it through the screen to the folder we want to copy it.

In a simple way, we start to prepare the game, so that it can be executed on Mac, we open the file Winebottler 1,8-rc4, then you will see a guide photo.

Then as shown in the picture, with several folders, we have to copy the Wine and WineBottler folders, in applications.

With this we already have, for the beginning of one of the best role games, created, Undertale, we placed in the folder of Undertale V1.001, with a click, we began with the search of the file to execute it, that is called EXE and we opened using Wine, to finalize we gave GO.

As you can see, its installation in is only in 5 simple steps, a simple process, as Apple has already accustomed us, now only lack that you put hands to the work, to begin with a great adventure, and to leave that your hours fly dirfrutando this great Video game.

In our web, we have a section where there is a game manual for Undertale, in case you have any doubt about how to advance, we want to offer you some shortcuts. You will be able to know the characters, their function, data of their history, good and bad things, that these are to develop among others. In short, we have everything about Undertale, in case you are looking for a helping hand on your journey, we want to be that friend who tells you the end of that story that is difficult for us to know.

Links to download Undertale for Mac OS

Download Undertale for Windows Download WineBottler

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