Download Undertale For Linux

In this section you can learn how to download Undertale for Linux, but first let's remember that Ubuntu, is an operating system based on Linux, with free software. We know that within the digital world there are few who use this operating system, but not less important, here we will know how to install this great game.


Practically, we will use the original game created and designed for Windows, the difference being that we will run it on Wine. One of the latest versions of the game is Undertale v1.001, which also has a patch available in the Spanish language.

In the final part of this web you can find the link that will take you to the download of this game, to use it in your PC with GNU/Linux operating system.

Process for download Undertale for Linux

  1. It is a simple process, which we will seduce step by step, to avoid hesitation. We start by clicking on the download link at the end of this article. Entering the website, click on Download Undertale. Remember that its last version is Undertale V1.001. The game does not weigh too much, it will be a fast process, that will depend more on the speed of our internet.
  2. Once the download is finished, a folder will appear. We give you a right click, in the option extract here. Once this is done we will see in the desktop the folder of our game Undertale.
  3. We open this folder, being this already the game, looking for the file called exe,(we can find it, regularly in the last sections). Select it, and with a right click on the mouse, select the option : properties. Then choose : permissions, and check allow to execute the file as a program, and finally press : close. To help you better you can find pictures guides that we have prepared for you.
  4. Then, we must open the game, we select again the exe file, with right click, we look for open with, and we press Wine Loader of Windows Programs.
  5. Finally, we can open the game, and start our adventure in Undertale.

See, we have easily downloaded Undertale, with simple and easy steps, to avoid our energy to be wasted, and can be used only in the achievement of victories that we will need so much when playing, luck.

Next we will present you the free download links that we promised:

Download Undertale for Windows Download Windows WINE Emulator

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