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One of the best things after you download undertale for android. Since for those lovers of graphic adventure who want to continue with their work, eliminating their daily routine, leaving the sight of the grumpy boss. Undertale is now available for your phone, finally you will have at hand the game that has dominated in recent years role-playing games, you can use it on your mobile with just a few simple steps.

Let's remember that you can also find this game for platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac Os, but in this article we will focus only on how to download Undertale for Android, I hope our article can help you.

In the final part of this, you can see the download links for free so that your adventure begins as soon as possible, you will see the download link of the game, then a link to download the app Game Keyboard +, both are free. Start!

Process to download undertale for Android

1. When it is a mobile device, we must take into account the installation of more than one application, two to be exact on this occasion, as we imagine the game itself Undertale, plus the application called Game Keyboard +, the latter may give us the option to transform the touch screen of our mobile in a traditional game control, to use it as a control with buttons at the time of the game. It is necessary to do this action because Undertale cannot be played simply without these commands, for that reason it is necessary to configure it. To start as a first step to download both applications, we must go to the end of this article to find the download links, to use the following files: and GameKeyboard + We will extract both files, when we do it we should see the apk files or known as applications installers. As an added value, we will leave you the link to download Undertale in English, in case you are interested,

2. When you have downloaded the two apks, we take our Android device, check if the downloads from unknown sources function is active. It is necessary to install apps that are external to PLAYSTORE.

To achieve this we must follow these steps:

  1. Configuration
  2. Security
  3. And unknown sources activated

3. As a third step, go to the file manager on your phone, find the two saved files, and proceed to install the Game Keyboard+ first. Next you will see three images that will appear.

4. Once the installation is complete, you must start by configuring the buttons for the touch screen of your phone. To do this, look for the Game keyboard+ icon on your cell phone.

5. Once the icon has been chosen, we must follow the steps suggested by the app. Step1: Tap here and enable Game Keyboard+ from the list, confirm in the pop-up dialog, then return here. This option will let you know if the part that says Game Keyboard+ is activated, and then give you the acceptance. As always we will leave guide pictures.

6. Then as step six we will choose the next section Step2: tap here and select Game Keyboard+ as active input Method. You can see another screen with a section that says so: GameKayboard+. As a guide we will leave you some images as before.

7. To finish you will see the option three Step 3: tap here abd Game Keyboard+ should come out. If not, make sure you have followed the above procedures correctly. When we see this option we will see colored buttons with a letter in the middle, also in this part we can eliminate the possibility of all those buttons that we don't need, giving instructions to others that we want.

8. If you press custom and set, we can see how a menu with options is displayed, four to be exact:

  1. Remove.
  2. Resize.
  3. Input and,
  4. Output.

In these last two options, to select them you will have to move around the screen.

9. As a new point, here is where you can select the configuration of buttons that you prefer and more suits you, or if you want we leave the basic configuration of A, B, C, X and remove the rest. In the following images you will be able to see data to help you.

10. We are already at the end, to finish the configuration of our keyboard buttons we select:

  1. Settings.
  2. Custom hot key.
  3. Show/Hide keyboard, then press volume key in the next screen.

When you press this volume button, you will see the previously configured colored buttons appear or disappear.

11. As a point eleven, we will install the game Undertale. To do this, we search the files on the phone where we have previously saved it. Select and install.

12. When it is ready, the installation should show the app in the form of a red heart.

13. Click on it, when the game will start.

14. Don't forget to press the volume button to start with the colored buttons.

15. As a final, thanks to the configuration of buttons that we made together, you will be able to start the adventure in this new game, to complete its challenges and to know its different activities.

An additional observation is that according to some fans who have told us about their experience playing on the mobile, is that sometimes the application is closed. It may be that this causes an incompatibility between the device, but does not happen in all, so far there is no solution to it, is unknown.

These are the links to download Undertale for Android

Download Undertale for Android Download Gamekeyboard+

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