Curiosities about Undertale

Today we'll tell you more about some of Curiosities about Undertale. Many of the things we can find in Undertale many secrets that are fascinating, fun, but can also be scary. But, although many of these are not a way for us to understand the whole tangled story that Undertale wants to tell us, there is no doubt that they are an excellent topic of conversation.

So today we're going to tell you about a variety of facts, secrets, and winks that Undertale has in store for us throughout the game. And they will make you love this great title even more. So let's get started.

The White Dog.

For people who have seen the white dog inside Undertale is a reference to the game creator Toby Fox, that dog appears throughout the game and usually spoils the plans of the characters and usually appears more frequently near Papyrus.


If you put a hotdog in the last door of the hotel corridor you will get a hushpuppy that apparently the one who gives it to you hates hotcats.


Fourth frog.

Specifically in the corridor of the ruins where you find three frogs, there is a fourth frog in a crack in the wall, which is quite difficult to notice if you pass it lightly.


Toriel's expression.

If you accidentally get Toriel to kill you on the pacifist route, Toriel will make a very interesting gesture of concern. We can see that if he doesn't really want to do you any harm.


Switch in the Tree.

When you get tired of solving the puzzle where you have to turn the X's into circles, you could ask Papyrus for the answer and he will tell you that the tree has a switch so you can solve it.


Lesser Dog's Neck.

If you persist in stroking Lesser Dog's neck it will grow until it comes out of the screen and if you continue it will continue to grow until it comes out of the bottom side of the screen, where it will say "Less Dog has gone where no dog has gone before".

The Boring Doll

The Boring Doll.

Toriel in the Ruins asks you to train with a dummy, but if you miss all the attacks, the dummy will get bored and leave and Toriel looks at you with a look of doubt and disbelief. But if you miss the attacks on the Genocide route, the dummy will have a smile on his face, and at the end you miss all the attacks he will say "THANK YOU".


Greater Dog leaves you for being bored

By keeping you ignoring Greater Dog throughout the fight it will end up making puppy-dog eyes at you and then leaving because it considers you too boring.

Greater Dog

A pile of hotdogs.

When you go to buy a hotdog from Sans, when you have the inventory, it will pile up in Frisk's head. You will continue until you reach a tower of thirty hotdogs, which in the end, if you move around, this pile will fall to the ground.


Mettaton and Toby.

When you are with Mettaton and he asks you what you like best about him, you can write to him and he will answer you different things. But when you write TOBY he answers "Toby? What the hell is that? Sound... Sexy", referring to the creator of Undertale.

Mettaton and Toby

Tem and his shop.

At Tem's store she asks you to sell her something she wants and you don't agree, she will start begging you to sell it to her, and she will buy it from you with the money to go to college.

Tem and his shop

Don't ever do that again.

When you go on the conveyor belt and call Papyrus the image of Undyne is left behind and if you call again you are told not to do that again.

do that again

Undyne angry

During the fight with Undyne if you avoid blocking her attacks she will get angry and tell you to confront her. She also tells you the following "I'm not your freaking kindergarten teacher".

Undyne angry

Papyrus and his legs

If you go in and out of the kitchen at Papyrus' house during the date, he'll be moving away and towards you. This later one will make the comment that he can't feel his legs.

Papyrus and his legs

More help, impossible

In the place of the Ruins where you must follow a certain path to reach the exit of the room. And you are wrong many times the challenge will be solved without you following the right path and you will leave.

More help, impossible

A world of Curiosities about Undertale within this video game.

And these are some of the curiosities you can find at Undertale that are sure to make you say "Hey, I didn't know that". That being one of the things we love this title for.

The touch of mystery that usually protects this game is a little peculiar, not to say intriguing, but it does not make you enjoy finding more information that does not help to understand much more of the story.

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