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This time we're going to talk about Toriel, she's the queen of the underground; In fact, she is one of the main characters of undertale, what a way to attract attention being the wife of Asgore the Monarch, she is the mother of Asriel, she and her partner decided to adopt the first man who came into the world (Chara), also in case something is missing.

She is the supreme guardian of the Ruins, in her, we can find a curious person, where on the one hand, we have an exemplary mother that her love comforts and gives encouragement to her people, she likes cakes and the elaboration of them, she is in a genuine way watching over the player (Frisk) when he starts the game; when Frisk receives a cinnamon and caramel cake he is amazed by his cooking talent even though one of his favorite ingredients is mollusks, he will bake a cake with them at the end of the neutral route.


She's also a good teacher, and her glasses make her look like a professional in what she does. Besides being a serious mother, she takes her role as Frisk's mom very seriously, because when he makes the decision to move in, she'll tell him that his study plan is already done (like all true moms). Also she gives him a phone so that she does not lose him in her adventures, she calls him like every mother making him see that she is worried about him, she tries to advise him again and again and she advocates for him is more than one occasion ( later we will comment that ), to finish her description, we can mention her particular dress, she uses a long dress or tunic with a violet color and her transcendent Runa Delta, track of the Royal House of underground, said this Will there be more than one that could imagine her in another way that is not an incredible and sweet mother goat?

We can say that in the end the answer will be yes, Toriel has a part deep inside her that many monsters desire. Of course she is the guardian of the Ruins, as she will not be able to know her way out and do it in an easy way by mentioning how difficult it is for monsters and humans plus the danger they are in, she is the one who intercedes very firmly when Asgore and Frisk are in a possible confrontation, she was able to get away from Asgore when he decided to declare war and face the humans, their feelings were found and it became a distant relationship, although they always talk, she is the one who decides to take the space between them after the conversation; She was the one who extended her hand to receive more humans that were arriving at the planet Chara when they decided to flee through the barrier, for this reason she does not support Frisk when he makes the decision to leave the underground aside, when he insists on it, Toriel makes the decision to destroy the passage (the entrance) because like every mother she does not want something to happen to her son.


She then realizes that Frisk makes friendship with Sans and makes him promise to watch over the human no matter who he is, to her as Sans they share a lot of jokes, jokes and a great camaraderie, Sans is not a great joke teller even so she decides to enjoy the mementos that she passes next to her friend; the most interesting thing of this part of the history in their way of knowing each other since between them there is always a door where they exclaim their experiences since they do not know each other personally.

That would be of a maternal goat without its character that we can appreciate in each attack that is declared, these attacks possess a great magnitude of force that definitively for somebody that plays and it doesn't have a lot of experience it will cause him/her a lot of damage, one of them is the one that weakens the soul of the player when he/she makes a movement type a sail, it is very effective that when surprising he/she left out of the game to Frisk, there are other attacks as the balls of fire that go from the head to the feet of the player, if this impacts it can leave almost without life to the player; However. Torial is his mother and his intention is not to leave Frisk mortally wounded, he is of tenuous thought, so he reduces his attacks knowing that he has weakened, when this happens the fireballs do not attack directly and will not directly touch his soul. On the other hand, if Toriel manages to kill the player with these attacks, he will be surprised with his hands in his face and it will be the end of the game.

At this point of the neutral route, there is the decision you can make not to kill Toriel, then she will take the throne of course after Asgore's death, when she will finally be the King, she will impose new policies where she will be able to receive and treat as a friend any human that arrives; But of course, not all the monsters will agree at least until they have the amount of humans that Frisk killed, if he reaches ten, his conviction will be not completely accepted and on the other hand the six souls of the humans that fell will be set free; but if he has killed more than ten among them Papyrus and Undyne it will be more than clear the rebellion before Toriel and his policy to return her to the Ruins; again we can see how Toriel assumes his role as educator when Frisk meets Undyne, and she is the one who watches over and supervises the work that Alphys does in each laboratory, therefore, we can mention that on the neutral route, Toriel is difficult and unconsciously unaware of Alphys' true plans, which would highlight the false identity that Flowey possesses; therefore we can make clear many other ways that the story has in provoking the endings at the hands of Frisk; if Papyrus is forgiven, Sans intervenes in a phone call he makes to the player and mentions Toriel explaining that she is seriously ill, it is then that Papyrus interrupts and nothing is known about Toriel.

We also see the true pacifist route, where Toriel intervenes in the battle between Frisk and Asgore, tries to prevent it no matter what it costs and throws fireballs persuading Asgore to decide not to fight and sending a signal to Frisk that the desire to escape from the underground is not worth taking a life to achieve that goal, When this happens his friends come to the place and while a conversation takes place, they can finally distinguish Sans by his voice and they know him, it is there where Toriel makes the human see his affection and makes him see that he can make the decision to stay under the earth sharing with his friends.

When the battle with Flowey takes place and before her soul is absorbed, she fights the evil flower using the most powerful attack ever seen from fireballs without any mercy, however, Flowey possesses a darker and greater power due to the souls of monsters and humans that she was destined to steal before and without further ado she is defeated. In this battle we can observe that Frisk in a vehement way achieves defeats to Flowey, who saves the souls of her close ones among them that of her mother Toriel; she transforms herself into Asriel and gets involved to destroy the warren and mentions her real name (Frisk), Asriel talks about it knowing that she has little time left to become Flowey again, she asks her to take care of her father, Asgore and Toriel resurrect, but when doing so her memory is blank and they don't remember anything about Asriel/Flowey or her real identity.


His end comes when he leaves the underground, Frisk bids farewell to the monsters by moving away so that he can see more places, Toriel comes to ask him if he longs to live with her; as a player you can choose whether or not to stay, if you make the decision to stay you'll be able to see how they hold hands and return on the way to the Ruins, you'll see when they arrive at their new house and Toriel bakes Frisk a candy cake; if on the contrary, you decide to tell Toriel that you plan to visit other places, she will take it well until she takes a picture with all the undertale characters that you will be able to observe well in the final credits, then we can visualize the images where Toriel and Asgore appear receiving Monster Kid at the entrance of the school as Toriel as a teacher, although he doesn't give any sign of reconciliation between them.

There is a genocidal route, as a player Toriel is asked where the knives are, which causes us an uncertainty about what could happen to him, of course in the future, when he wants to escape from the Ruins. Toriel is eliminated and sent to the ground in one blow, on the ground almost lifeless, you can see the expression on the face very surprised by the strength of the player, making a confession where he said that the reason why he did not let him out was because of the monsters and that's why he would prevent it. When these levels of the pacifist routes are completed as a genocidal Toriel has a not so good end because of Chara; that would be the last scene, in which Frisk would finally make the decision to reside with Toriel in his house, and you can see that by offering him the piece of cake, Chara (it's Frisk's character transformed) turns her head and looking at the camera generates uncertainty and amazement because of her red eyes and a terrifying face; that only says one thing that probably the end of the Queen was not pleasant.

As an ending, we can conclude that Toriel is not a traditional character that causes a stir for her decision making, she has more facets than the simple view as a kind mother or the typical Reyna of the crossroads of video games, in her stand out besides kindness, courage, tenacity and ferocity; where we can observe her attacks that are not docile like her, where her decisions generate unconsciousness but at the same time they provoke smiles when seeing her character of mother, it is possible to dream a little of how our own mother would be when having super powers like what Toriel had, although if you think better perhaps the idea would not be very good.

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