All About Sans

He is, in a way, one of the most famous characters of Undertdale, as it is obvious, Sans looks like a skeleton, usually with a happy personality; his style is typical of an underground, without anger; his clothes, white shirt and blue jacket that seems to never close, he also wears black pants, with a white line that goes down his sides, no doubt a little retro detail to remind us of a style typical of the game, completing his attire with white slippers, among the comments that some have heard, they mention that they are not slippers, but if we check the official Undertale clothing line, we will see Sans with what seems to be slippers to complete his attire.


As we mentioned at the beginning, this character has a faint appearance, although this does not mean that he does not have a dark personality, a bit scary (if he does), some mention that you can see in his eyes, which look totally black, just with a flash of light in his pupil white. Where we can see reflected the above mentioned, is when in a scene, lets us see his other appearance that everyone said he had, and shows towards us with a temperance and severity, at that moment the white flash in his eyes disappears, and become completely black, to add something is when this faces us in the game.

At the moment of this battle we can observe the vehemence of his strength in his gaze, which changes color dramatically, you can see how he passes from a blue color to yellow quickly and continuously, is it not scary? although he is small in stature, in his body we can see his strength, he is strong, obviously his power is superb, Sans, in his appearance in the game it takes time from the beginning, his encounter takes place in the Snowdin forest, we see the player's restlessness because he sees him as a key piece (ally) to continue advancing, justifying their intention to make friends with him, to learn from his advice, his vision of the path, finding shortcuts, although all this will be possible if the player does not eliminate his brother in the pacifist route and those decisions lead him to the genocidal route. We will surely face a Sans, with much hate and resentment running through his veins.


He is a character of character in short friendly, is very joker more than his brother Papyrus, making jokes all the time, it is not surprising the employment that was given to him in the Undertale hotel chain called MTT Resort as a comedian, a clear example is the way in which Sans interacts with the player throughout the game, although we see how his attitude changes conforms to the decision making of the latter. His passion for science makes him a unique character who likes quantum physics, a reflection of being a typical student, is to see the disorder in his room once we enter it, without worrying about the order, just increasing what he knows, even Papyrus tells us how his brother is a lover of science fiction.

His role as a big brother, makes him stand out, since he plays it to the full, we see how he makes jokes to his brother Papyrus to make him angry, but also his protective instinct can be known, when he avoids telling about the deaths to the other monsters, and he does it in this way "They have gone on vacation" and to calm the impetus he reads him stories when the night falls, no doubt he achieves his role as protector of his brother, if the player eliminates his brother, we will not see Sans, until the final corridor, where the appearance that we know and that in a moment we describe becomes dark and severe.

As we know, this character in his relationships are so superficial, not to mention Toriel and Alphys, since with the first Sans he has one of the most genuine friendships, this one also shares the taste for jokes, jokes that are the day to day, even records every bad joke he makes, in a notebook, on the other hand we have the character of Alphys, who also established a friendship, we do not know at what time, but they share the taste for anime and one or another additional game.

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