All About Papyrus

Is it likely that kindness, charm, humor, affection are qualities of a warrior skeleton?, hardly but the answer is yes, and who is our example is none other than Papyrus; others also know him as Coolskeleton95, one of the first impressions at first sight, is his great height, which is the opposite of his brother Sans; being the younger of the two, he has a sense of humour, which from time to time likes to play little jokes, he has a magnetic personality, he likes a lot of conversation being sure of himself, and he is one of the few monsters who believes in the goodness that humans have, in fact at the moment of the game, his way of being can manage to captivate the player, increasing his faith in him, looking for his goodness.


We all know how much he likes to cook and be a home skeleton, it seems to me that of all the monsters of the undertale, this achievement is the best chef, in fact he studies to be one, although his succulent dishes are often not as edible, according to his brother Sans, who repeatedly tasted his famous spaghetti, The latter gives him some advice to practice at least for a while, so that he can perfect his talent, but Papyrus, knowing his brother, doubts if this was real or if he simply spent one of the many prepared jokes that he used to do, knowing him we can say that maybe it was true, although what we can assure you is his love for cooking and for the order of his house.

This lanky skeleton possessed talents that few monsters had, his honest and collaborative personality, with desires of overcoming, trying to be a member of the Royal Guard; Undyne is the one who trains him strongly, one of his virtues as, persistence is one of the values that make this faithful character to be accepted in the academy, with the request in the air that he must capture a human as one of the requirements to be a definitive member of the Royal Guard, but this one has not seen any in his life, which for the moment makes us think about the difficult task that this one has ahead.

His idea to capture a human is outdated, when he meets Frisk, this last one and Papyrus form a friendship, until he becomes the protector for some stages; eventually of course, due to the player's decisions, we can see a part where he makes clear his friendship with Frisk, which makes us know even more his huge heart and good feelings. Therefore Papyrus, is usually protected by his own brother Sans in some way, since one of his actions was to avoid telling him the truth, since in the genocidal route the characters had been eliminated, distrusting also the small flower that dialogues (Flowey), commenting that it is only a mocking and ugly flower created precisely to make echo.

Papyrus, in general, we can mention that he is the clear example about the belief that there are giants who possess hearts of gold, if we can create a character, we would surely take this one as an example, let's just think about it, a tall guy with a good heart, who wears white and gold knightly armor, boots and gloves, giving a touch of style to his clothing is his red lighted scarf, and his unnoticed blue boxer shorts, imagine the right word to describe him, I think there would be nothing but a cool skeleton. As something else we can say that in the whole game of Undertale we can't find a character so "alive" and full of joy.


Proof of this are his fans, in short his fans are more feminine; Think about it, his smile, shyness, not very expressive, looks that say more than a thousand words, a true conqueror, simply reveal your interior in a simple and clear, his lack of words in short does not remove, his intelligence as it is a born lover of puzzles and some other riddle, there are many scenes that make us think about it, also using their cunning to win over Undyne, so that it can see the option of being friends with the player.

Finally, we highlight his humor, when in a scene we see, how he takes cream with his hands and then places it in his ears, Sans sees this fact, and I don't understand why he does it, since neither of them have ears; without any doubt we can expect many things from this character, even if he is not a great fighter with many Papyrus skills, we see him for the first time in the Snowdin forest, where his first sentence was that he will be the one to catch the human as we remember that his main purpose is to be a member of the Royal Guard becoming at the same time a popular being in the whole undertale.

As a conclusion we can say that Papyrus has the virtue of being able to get along with anyone, and he explains that to be a cool, thin being with no flesh on his bones is not an impediment when, you decide to speak from the heart, although this has no relevance when it comes to a friend who believes in you and likes to give you advice, this really doesn't matter.

Who's Toby Fox? Creator of Undertale

At this moment we have the privilege to know more about Toby fox, creator of Undertale, he is a musical composer that within his career developed the themes for the web comic homestuck, he not only created this indie game, known worldwide for being a successful example of imagination, achieving the acceptance of every fan that knows him.

His counter text was to impact the player, when the place of presenting us the typical boring, cold and monotonous game scenes, he applied the humor as one of the differentiators between the other games created, modifying much of the theme of the story, we can say that his first version was in the English language, so it was expected that the Spanish version would be released very soon, which you can download in this website, and to the language you need it, with just one click on the download button.

Back in the game the adventure, which brings the player into every battle mode, will immerse each player in an imaginary world full of fantasy, capturing your attention, from start to finish. We can get to know in depth the identity of each character, their multiple facets, which seem to be a topic that they do not want to talk about, among what characterizes it we can also mention the soundtrack, polished by Toby Fox from the beginning, to give that missing touch to each scene and be able to immerse themselves even more in it.

However, to see how the creation of humans and monsters in the game is a story that we can know in any other game, is not usually so routine, and in many occasions leaves the player perplexed, amazed by the development of the situation, one of the curiosities is the decision making of the main character, to decide whether to forgive or leave alive monsters, which, if you decide to forgive him will be able to be friends, of course, this happens later in a battle, although in their battles has something typical of other games, the opportunity to choose the unexpected end due to the options that the game gives you a touch of uniqueness.


We can immerse ourselves more at the moment of knowing, those little surprises that Toby Fox is releasing on the way, and that apparently are consequences of the decisions that the game places on you, and that affect in an indecisive way the game, that has something a characteristic singularity, since it records your decisions to remind you in another game; in short the path of this story marks the daily life of the player emotionally, since we know friendly characters, some full of humor, friendship and others that don't have anything of the previously mentioned.

To a great extent, it is a story that advances around riddles, situations where using logic for the player will result in the best option to choose so that each situation can be solved in a peaceful way. Within the game there are not many distractions in other secondary missions, it is a direct game full of humor, flashy and each character has a personality and awareness that allows you to remember every decision you've made along the way.

Did you know that at the beginning Toby Fox? decided to call the game underbound 2, as an annex of the earthbound game, meanwhile, he decided to create Undertale, so far you can find it on any platform and you can see all the options to download undertale in our main website.

Its creator never imagined the resounding success that resulted, this game with an outstanding fan list, we were able to know different opinions of the players, supporting the idea of downloading the game, it is qualified as a different, entertaining, and attractive game for children and for adult video game lovers, without a doubt one of the best RPGs, Undertale is the ideal option to spend days of entertainment, because when its story ends, it will give rise to a totally new one.

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