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Let's start with the description of Frisk Undertale, first we don't know what gender he will have, if he is male or female, if he will be a child or an adult, he shows us the image of a young man, wearing a sweater with not very flashy colors (blue and pink) something small pants, tennis could leave the description to this point, but actually there is much more, the interesting thing about this main character of undertale, Frisk is that he is a person, that the player can use and change his whole identity, using only his imagination, and create this iconic character called Frisk.


Once he throws his identity the game begins to create adventures, with mixed feelings such as anger, loneliness, either man or woman who plays, the story formed will depend heavily on the creation of the player until the interaction, which this has with the characters of the game; we can see in the development of the game that the gender is not important, since it is not mentioned, if this is a boy or a girl what is known is their relationship with the monsters of the Undertale, that if they have a specified gender, the whole game is developed around a Frisk that is seen in unfavorable circumstances, sometimes with personal of the Underground, which do not reveal nor a track of the gender of Frisk, its participation in the game is well achieved, which makes us think that the simple fact of not mentioning the gender, is only a detail without importance.

who is frisk in Undertale

We can mention in the first place, the first human undertale, a character that gives us authenticity, with character, ambiguous, Frisk shows it in each scene where he is located in the game, we could mention that he is shy, since his dialogues are not shown at the moment, in which the player, speaks with other characters, many are those who describe that in him, there are features of evil or thoughts of kinetic nature, are only hypotheses that will be confirmed, by his behavior in the genocidal route that Frisk made.

The first appearance of Frisk in the underground, is when he falls in golden flowers, before that his life goes unnoticed, almost nothing is known about it, although he is the last human (character) of the group of humans. Something of relevance is to mention, that only at the end of the pacifist route, if this was taken by the player, Frisk's name will be known finally, before that he will only be called human, without a doubt it does not put in that to think, to find the true name, with which it was named, One of the characteristics of Frisk within the game, is without mediating words his courage and cunning to achieve, which is proposed, although it is very friendly to those who come and approaches him, his objectives will always be a priority, still do not know if Frisk is a boy or a girl but within the game is not very relevant this fact.

In his journey through the underground, Frisk, goes through the neutral route sees Toriel and Flowey, the first one invites him to her house, to know her kingdom and her place where she lives, where she asks him to stay for a while, Frisk asks for forgiveness and mentions that he can't stay, that he wishes he could reach the surface again, Toriel knowing the danger that this decision to go back home would be, tries to incinerate the exit to avoid that this happens and that he meets Asgore. There the player has two options, the first one to kill Toriel and leave the place, or the second one simply to convince her to let her leave the Ruins.

On the way, we can meet his friends, for example in the Snowdin forest he meets Sans and Papyrus, although the latter hides, then shows up before him as he knows him as a laughing skeleton, Frisk following his amino, meets some dogs, which he uses to win fights that appear on the route, Arriving at Snowdinm Frisk sees some monsters on the way without them knowing his identity as a human, this is seen as an opportunity to sneak into the library to read books and learn even more about the underground, just at this time, Papyrus thinks about capturing Frisk so he can be part of the royal guard; it's up to the player to take the version, which will certainly affect the continuity of the game.

One of the courses in this story is to see Frisk in the waterfall, there he dialogues with Moster Kid, but they separate when he realizes that he is human, Frisk at the same time runs away from Undyne (leader of the royal guard) who looks for his soul to complete, Asgore's desire, since one more soul would be the destruction of the barrier, causing that the monsters can go out to the surface that's why he tries to catch Frisk at all costs. He will have the last option to kill Undyne or simply run away from her; when the latter falls down faint with exhaustion. Frisk seems to have the astuteness to make friends, as he arrives at Hotland Alphys and Mettaton decide, to be friends with him.

The next step is when Metatton wants Frisk's soul, to rise to the surface and prevent Asgore from drowning the bar; of course this would be a serious decision that Frisk would have to make that would affect the game directly, choosing between killing him or making him see that the fame he wants to achieve is already there, being recognized by many in the underground (Mettaton is a celebrity). If he succeeds in persuading him, he'll be able to make friends, asking for the favour of passing on the bar, revealing that without a single monster soul he'll be able to pass the surface. Frisk understands that it will be indispensable to kill Asgore.


Fascinating facts that undoubtedly give the player very diverse sensations full of much uncertainty so that his end will be unexpected. When Frisk arrives at the throne room and finds Asgor, and they visit the barrier, they dialogue and Asgore gives him the option to return and prepare for battle; But Frisk decides to fight but this one to touch the fear shows him the six souls of the humans before arriving to the undergruond, furious and without having mercy, he attacks the button (mercy) of the player, forcing him to a bloody fight, Frisk when defeating him recovers this button of mercy, and again in the game he has the option to choose, if to kill him or to forgive him, without a doubt something resulting for the player.

The action will only show, if Frisk is who he says he is or is attracted to the killing, therefore by choosing, Flowey will make his Aparicio to restart the game, and by eliminating Asgore, he will steal the six souls, the player imagining a bit surprised, will start the game of course, but he will realize that Flowey has created his own endless scene where he possesses power greater than Frisk's, which is challenged to a battle in which the disadvantage is evident, losing and as a last wish the human (Frisk) asks for help the wings of the humans, these are revealed to Flowey to help him, these prevent Flowey from carrying and save the game, healing Frisk of his wounds at the same time, to resume the battle this now wins and again will have two options whether to forgive or kill her.

Finally we can mention that every decision Frisk makes in the game has the power to change the destinies of the characters, mentioning that Undertale is a game, made to touch the player's humanity and their way of seeing life, without a doubt making decisions like the ones Frisk makes within the game is significant, If we talk about our daily lives, in the game the choice is either you are in favor of forgiveness and life, or you think it is better not to forgive and that resentment is the one that predominates in your decisions, Frisk has a great ending that you, will be able to choose at game time, remember Choose well!

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