All About Chara


It is more than clear that the plot of Undertale has the habit of giving us characters that are out of the ordinary. Chara is a clear example of this, starting with her name, although it can be changed by the player since, in the option of the game is the selection of them, Toby Fox took the decision to place Chara, which is the abbreviated form of Character in short, some witticism and style, within the game the player also has the option to rename the character, very subtly, and knowing Frisk in the true pacifist path, gives the option to remove the file and throw the name of Chara; In all cases, this will not reveal anything, and despite renaming a character it will still leave a name that can be used in another, no matter what. The appearance of Chara, can be similar to that of Frisk, we mentioned that his flannel is green and has some unique yellow stripes, the shape of the hair and his age, are similar, the only thing we do not know and that this to be seen is his gender that is unknown.

Very similar both characters and their description is only superficial, to have an idea of the same one through the great game, it astonishes and it destabilizes us a little, since very few we expected, Chara, apparently also is a dark being that little by little will be transformed, at the same time that the game advances we will be knowing different phases of this character that inside the underground apparently, His story will not be the desired or most expected, even his decisions led to conflict between Frisk and Asriel, at the end of the genocidal route, where we remember how Frisk can take the choice to restart the world, then makes us think if Chara really controls Frisk or has taken over his body, and probably his soul, belongs to him, as at one stage of the game was offered as a bargaining chip this.

Chara, can be seen from different physical aspects, a change is when we see her dark and dull eyes with the lighter tea, on the other hand she changes her appearance when she makes a jumpscare, her red eyes, fixed and threatening look, we should not admire when Asriel's character talks about Chara, this is described as a not so kind being; Maybe his description is due to the family moments he spent in the kingdom with Toriel and Asgore, maybe he thinks about the past; remembering the jokes of both of them, which by the way were not so childish back then, is what until this day forms the negative concept of what Chara is, according to Asriel, his hate towards humans is also Chara's fault for her behavior and way of being, this is something that Frisk comes to admit.

Chara, remember that he is the first human to fall into the underground realm, he embarks on an adventure to Mount Ebott, without clear objectives, then Asriel makes us see that Chara was a little unhappy, and that his hatred for humanity began to grow, but when Frisk arrives for the first time to the underground. The darkness that surrounds Mount Ebott, generates a series of challenges for the humans who want to climb it, will be that this place is haunted, or simply forms a three-dimensional portal in which humans can decide when to cross it; the deaths of each man when crossing to the other side, to the underground, seems to be the exact justification for this fantasy, although it has been commented in the some occasion to Toby Fox, it does not confirm anything. Another characteristic of Chara, when you see him, you can see a face a little bit tenuous and smiling, which creates a false image, knowing his true identity, or at least the only thing we know, since Chara controls Asriel and his body, when he resurrects due to the impetus of the player and his purpose, said in the same words he said, his face is no longer so kind, his smile, is empty and sinister.


The beginning of Chara, is when she falls through the barrier, she arrives to the underground, adopted by Toriel and Asgore, becoming Asriel's brother due to his father's decision, on the way, they make many jokes and their friendship bond becomes very strong, some time later Chara would get sick, and her life slowly fades away, and on her deathbed she asks for a wish to be able to see the golden flowers for the last time, When he dies, his body is buried deep in the castle, where the bodies of humans who had died before also lie. Then you remember how Asriel takes Chara's body to the village of the humans, but not before stealing her soul, and is attacked there by the humans who believed that Asriel was the one who caused Chara's death.

During the true pacifist route, the truth is known during the battle between Frisk and Asriel , the true plans of Chara about her death come to light and that her illness was only a smoke screen to achieve her mission of stealing the souls of the humans, even that of Frisk, once the combat is over, what was already suspected of these two, the human Frisk and Chara, who are characters with different personalities, are taken for granted. At the end of the genocidal route, Chara appears talking to the player, in doing so, she makes it clear that the resurrection was a consequence, of the player's actions, thanks to his determination, and that this satisfaction can also be felt, it is there where she mentions her interest in erasing the world in order to pass to the other one.

When as a player we choose the option to delete, guess who is the one who is more than pleased and happy with our company, is correct Chara, but if on the contrary you decide not to ignore this attacks you, with a jumpscare, adding that as a player you never had control of the game (Frisk) while his appearance becomes more terrifying. Immediately the screen turns bright red with black, we see numbers nine everywhere on the screen, out of nowhere we see a blackout. When the game is opened, we can see how the screen is in black.

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