All about Asgore Dreemurr


Asgore is a descendant of the kings of the underground Toriel and Asgore, when talking about him you have to do it with extreme care because he is royalty, selecting the words correctly, you know that he is masculine if we trusted only in this the atmosphere would be a little clearer, but everything can happen in undertale, right! as Asgore was not expected less from him; since his changes simply come to surprise the player all the way in multiple places, a character without a doubt unique. As we already said that he is from the royal family of legitimate descendants of the kings of the underground, we highlighted many of the videos to evidence this fact, videos that were taken in the laboratory of the kingdom, there Asgore was just a baby that cried, you can see in many of them how helpful and very kind he was with everyone he shared; his parents raised him like any other child apparently with a normal life.

But a day came that would change this fact, Asgore saw a human crossing the barrier of the kingdom (Chara), driven by what his heart dictated, he took him to the kingdom to his parents' house, and they decided to adopt him as a son, with much enthusiasm Asgore accepted with Chara, followed by a great friendship between both where mischief is the day to day, He feels loved and accepted in the family and lives fully as his true brothers, then Chara gets sick (A conveniently), it is then that Asgore makes the decision to absorb his soul and proposes to cross the barrier to absorb more souls, thus freeing the monsters; Minutes before her death, Chara, commented on the desire to see for the last time the golden flowers that differentiated her people, Asgore listened attentively, a desire that was fulfilled before he died, carrying his body next to the golden flowers, being there, he was surprised by the humans who saw fit to avenge Chara's death, making Asgore guilty of it.

He was attacked with much ferocity, Asgore having all the power to defend himself and be victorious by destroying them, he did not decide that way, because he had Chara's soul inside, he retires with a feigned laughter, he is surrounded by a deep sorrow, immense pain, inside him that provokes his death, when he arrives at the palace, he is left in the garden, it was much his sadness that was reflected in the end of his life, at the moment that he vanishes, in the place they grow beautiful and striking golden flowers in the place. Days later, Alphys who is the one who does the experiments, decides to take samples from the soil to breathe determination into the flowers, in those experiments he gives life involuntarily to Asgore since he was part of those flowers, then, he became Flowey, but in doing so, and being part of an experiment made to those flowers, he faces a problem, since the golden flowers lacked feelings, therefore he could not feel compassion, love or pity for anyone.


Frisk is a character who arrived later to the underground, before that, Asgore was the most similar to his parents, with features similar to humans, a kind of goat with big incisors that at first sight are not any danger, at that time, he was seen as a little one of age but older than Chara (the first human) who fell to his world; Let's talk about what he was wearing, his shirt does not make believe that his parents dressed them similar to Chara and Asgore, he did not wear shoes, his long black pants and his yellow striped green shirt, when he became Flowey, these two seem to merge into one entity taking into account that he is always Asgore, although we can know this until later in the story. Flowey, is strong and ruthless character, manipulates, but feels an attraction for Frisk when he arrives to the underground for the first time, he comments a little about the battle, towards the first human that reminds him when he sees him.

In any case the real Asgore no longer exists, since on the neutral route he acts using Flowey, he sees the initiative that Frisk has that is similar to his, on this route, it is then that Flowey goes for Frisk, attacks him and tries to underestimate him, he thinks about killing her on one occasion, on the other hand, he also flatters him, trying to make friendship with him, of course in his conditions, then in the next pacifist route, he makes similar decisions to the ones he made before, and when he manages to defeat Asgore, he breaks the barrier and forgives him, at this moment we can see Frisk who gives energy again to the laboratory of the scientist Alphys; and he establishes a series of dialogues between them, mentioning the requirements to enter one of the other routes; when he sees himself inside the elevator that doesn't work, Frisk receives an anonymous call, where you can hear someone of the male gender, and he asks if he's there, to tell him that everything is going according to plan (in other words), and that a lot of time has passed; he makes us think that the call is made by Asgore. At the end of this moment, we see a meeting between the monsters and Frisk, among them there is a genuine friendship, where Asgore/Flowey, we observe again (the evil at its purest peak in a subtle flower), and snatches from the bodies of the six humans that fell into the underground, their souls, and also those that King Asgore had stolen, and then create an ambush for those who were in the place, apparently, his mother not Toriel can not escape, driven by his thirst for power, takes almost all the souls of the underground, this causes more that his power rises and can be seen as a God of the underworld, dream shared with Asgore.

Converted, he tries at all costs to recover his body as a child, the one that he was long ago, what he doesn't think is that he needs to have a soul for that, and tries to kill Frisk to achieve it, calling him repeatedly (Chara), not knowing inside the battle with him, his final identity, is transformed into an adult, with longer horns and fangs, his look has lost the splendour of goodness, his colour is revealed to be black, he increases in size, wearing a garment, similar to that of Queen Toriel, he wears a similar Delta rune and is white, showing that he is part of the royal family of the underground.

The fight increases, in the most intense place of the battle, Asgore is forced to another transformation, called God of Hyperdeath, we know his highest power, and his image is not at all pleasant not to say terrifying, half robot, they grow to one more his fangs and horns.

With each increase more pointed, another feature is its blue wings, red and green, its bottom becomes a heart shape upside down, the only option Frisk can take at this time is to ask for help from the other souls that have been stolen, but this will not help much, until Asgore's soul is summoned, which is the only soul the player has not summoned, when this is done, Asgore's true features come to light and this simple action ends the conflict, he is wrapped in sorrow and mentions his loneliness and his feeling of abandonment, caused the desire to restart the game repeatedly, when finally confesses everything, returns to be a child as before, and makes known that the first human in the world is not the player (Chara), you hear a question, what would be the real name, which would be the one we already knew, called Frisk in the beginning of the game; and in an act of what characterizes him as Toriel's son, Asgore uses his power and returns the souls of the underground that have been taken by breaking the barrier, but he more than anyone knows that he must sacrifice himself, because if he does, he will become Flowey again, he will be left without a soul and he asks Frisk for silence about what happened to achieve his goal in the end.


We see how the player finally goes to his friends to share, although you can also select the room where he was when he fell into the underworld, there you can see Asgore again as a child and his golden flowers, is where the player receives the suggestion to take care of these flowers, with the reminder to avoid mentioning what happened to his parents; We see then that the player crosses the barrier, immediately the credits are noticed, until arriving at the word END, that has apparently interference, and we see an Asgore that from adult, happens to be a child, when seeing this Frisk, understands that it is only a small joke of his eloquent brother, followed by the gratefulness.

If you decide to start the game from that moment, Asgore will not come out instead of the Flowey, followed by a few words so that Frisk's friends and he can live in peace on the surface. Although on the genocidal route, Flowey confesses to the player why he cannot feel love, compassion or kindness, it is then that the player's ability to be the one who understands is mentioned, narrating all his experience of becoming a flower, how difficult it is not to have limbs and feel unable to speak, and also telling the moment that his father came to him for help, that moment said, it did not help me feel compassion for them or anyone else; he thought about taking his life, but he felt a strong sensation (that emanated from Frisk) and this was the motivation for him to restart everything again, until the moment he became a flower, knowing his power he knows that playing with the destiny and the life of all the characters of the underground, is just a lack of tact, we see how in the beginning Asgore/Flowey, does good actions, avoiding the sadness of the underground and helping in the problems that each monster had, In the end we see how his interior that this echo of darkness comes out to float, we see how it entangles the player with illusory answers, he lies, he tries to kill, when doing it he realizes that this action will bring two consequences that are "to kill or to die" and he reiterates that that will be his vision, of what he wishes for the world, until he knows the player and he realizes that the determination of this one, will be big, entering a fear for his body.

In his attempt to get away and save his life, he visits Asgore to warn him about Frisk , but the player has already made his decision to eliminate Asgore himself and also Sans with incredible ease; between the sword and the wall Asgore asks for mercy towards the player, even reveals his true identity, but the player believes that it is not enough and destroys him completely.

The story of this character (Asgore) is undoubtedly one of tragedy, and is surrounded by events that could have been avoided if he had not possessed that evil, we see a father who recognizes him in the flower when he starts the game, but with several restarts and after his death, he forgets, such action contributes to increase the feeling of abandonment and loneliness that this character felt. With Asgore we know in undertale an incredible and scary at the same time an image of Mr. Hyde or Jekyll.

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