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If you want to play this great title on your computer, you can download Undertale from its official portals for Windows, Mac OS, Android and even GNU/Linux and with this you can not have any impediment to do so and have fun finding the various mysteries that hide this videogame RPG created by Toby Fox.

You could discover all the characters and create an interaction with each one of them. You will be able to overcome all the puzzles, diverse challenges and create a better environment for everyone.


Its beginnings, until its development we can see all the enthusiasm of this iconic character captured in each scene of the game, Toby fox is a music composer, born in 1991, who at a young age undertook the task of creating video games, designing Undertale, as the first work, getting a prize for being a video game not dependent on another, singular. Among his inspirations were games such as Mother of the well-known Nintendo console, Fox managed to systematize the game based on the player's decision making, and touching on points of pain, such as awareness, anger, or friendship at the same time, for each encounter with characters within his story. In the year 2017 we could also see the continuation of this great era, launching Undertale 2, Toby fox, takes a step forward by allowing the protagonists to change with the player's desire.

In the first game, we know as the protagonist a little boy, who visits the underworld by mistake, he tries to climb a mountain, when he falls through the crater of this that in the end is usually, a door between both worlds. Where he will meet a series of different monsters, and their story of why they have separated, when before they lived together as humans and monsters, and now they are divided by a magical barrier, because of their difference.

The protagonist who will later know his name, as Frisk, begins his game when he decides to return to his home on the surface, the player is the one who directs it, and will interfere in each of the scenes to change the course of each story in each route, to achieve their desire to return.

His story is too addictive for his fans because he leaves the finals to them, so the one that has won the prize for best independent game, for all his fans of Undertale, they think they have well deserved it, his sales in 2016 were about a million copies, and is that his game system where we can relive their battles in two stages, turn-by-turn and bullet-hell.


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In Undertale, we can enjoy a game full of riddles that seek to retain the player in time, direct interconnections, between the monsters and the protagonist. Where we can enjoy a battle divided into two sections, the first where it is about dodging the attacks of each monster and the player directs the heart of a child, the second is about attacking, you can make different choices, attack, offer a gift of truce, or showing mercy among others, as not all apply to all monsters because of their identity.

We also have a game as always full of obstacles, tests and new elements, which prevent the player from being free to move around the area, motivating him to meditate about the possible solution, we can see traps that are certainly an obstacle, as well as passages or holes. The battles with each underground boss, improve with each game and their participation is often more complicated, the points to restore life, are moderate and give a bonus score when using them.

The gains from finishing an enemy are bags full of gold, although if the player decides not to finish it, they have the option of ending the combat by talking to them, inciting a truce, and sparing their lives, of course, their gold gains will be less by doing so, but perhaps it is the most humane thing to do, in the end it is a feature of the game.

Finally we can learn about a game, which links the art of dialogue with each character to determine their destiny, or possible ending, where their winnings can be spent on well-earned objects, a protagonist who with his power, cunning and good heart completes his desire to return to the surface, overcoming the tests, battles that are presented within the history of Undertale, not to mention how difficult it can be not to choose well when you have some fierce monsters in front of your nose, can be somewhat frightening.


As a final argument for download Undertale, we can say that until now its success has been due to the theme of its history, its third and first person game form, where it shows us a story between two races, humans and monsters, living in harmony, until the humans feared by the force of the second, exploding a war between them. With an elaborated plan, we could see how the humans won the battle, managing to banish in the underworld, or subsoil of the earth all the monsters, placing a barrier between both worlds that besides being magic, prevents the passage of both sides from one world to another.

We see how a legend "about the one who goes up to Mount Ebott never returns" serves as an inspiration for a child, trying to find the truth behind it, the small human manages to go up, but by a mistake falls on the crater that this elevation has, waking up unconscious in the underworld, awakening his desire to return begins his story, where he must find the barrier back home solving riddles, entering tunnels and defeating some characters of the underworld to get out.

In his journey he meets the plan of one of the monsters of the underworld, none other than the king of this world called Asgore, who wants to conquer the human world, but to do so he must raise his power with seven human souls to be able to break the barrier, he gets six and the last one can be the one of the child we know now as Frisk, who can be the key to achieve his goal. However, the player will know the different alternatives so that this does not happen and he can return home.

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